you’re about buying that land or you have bought it already, how about the house you’re staying that you have built for years or the once you’re staying on rent. Do you know the status of these land/houses? Have you carried out a proper verification that is documented? Maybe you have but ure still not sure….

It does not matter if the house/land have been built/bought for years, without the proper document or land title it might take years but one day govt. will come for their land by them it might be too late. this is one of the reason why govt. carry out demolition of an entire area.

Why you must verify that land: To know if the land is free from govt. Acquisition, to know the title of the land, it help with the valuation of your land/house etc. Verification let you know what you can use that parcel of land for (not all land can be use for residential)
If it’s free from govt. Acquisition you can start to perfect your title documents and develop the land.

What happens if you dont verify: you might end up buying a land with no title, you will not be able to get a building permit, it might take years but govt. might eventually find a use for their land and ask everyone to vacate the land.

To Be Continued…

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