Assets are things that put money into your pocket while liabilities take money out of your pocket. LAND is d greatest assest to own.

Every Lagosian knows what it feels like living in Lagos. The Traffic, Hustle and Bustle. Yet in spite of these challenges, we push through, push hard till we succeed.

But don’t you think we deserve that regular treat, in an eco-friendly environment, away from the noise? We share that same thought, and it led to the birth of THE NOOK.

Located in the fast-developing city of Epe with a Gazette as its title, THE NOOK is poised to be a peaceful, eco-friendly and serene gated community offering seclusion and security to Nigerians who deserve a clean, green and a quiet residential community.

Location: Epe, Lagos

Title: Gazzette

Size: 300 and 600sqm

  • Buy and Build Estate
  • Instant Physical Allocation
  • Free from all encumberances

Promo Offer:  1,000,000 (300sqm), 2,000,000 (600sqm)

₦500,000 Initial Deposit, spread balance within 6-12 months.

What are you waiting for?

Call/WhatsApp Urban Lagos: 08159901198

  • Check Available Estates
    check out various estate / properties available, read through the post to know titles, size, location, prices, facilities provided etc. Email/msg to or 08088351288 to engage us.
    Step 1
  • Fix Inspection Date (optional)
    Email/msg to or 08088351288 to fix a date for inspection. you can send a relative or professional if you're busy to come yourself.
    Step 2
  • Finalize Deal
    we guide you through process of payment to the developer / owner of the estate or properties account. we follow up for your receipt and allocation. NOTE: Pls inform us before any payment for any of these estates / properties.
    Step 3
  • urbanlagos professionals
    at urbanlagos we monitor all our clients properties. we follow up to the point of physical allocation, we also help our client to for deed and transfer of title documents. we give periodic report of the state of your property / investment.
    Step 4

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