Shaping the Future of Lagos

Undoubtedly, Lagos is the largest city in Africa (population) and the only megacity in Nigeria. However, the exponential rate of urbanisation coupled with lack of corresponding increase in provision of resilient infrastructures and basic services is impeding development gains and shared prosperity for the government and all Lagosians.

By 2100, Lagos has been projected to home a population of 100million making it the largest city in the world. In my considered opinion, this huge population is a great potential we can leverage on to shaping Lagos into an ideal city we want and a city we can gladly leave for our unborn generation.

Thus, as leaders in urban development and management, we need to urgently prepare with other development partners; necessary plans, actions and strategies to take advantage of the transformative force of urbanisation to shaping our Lagos into an inclusive, productive, safe, resilient and sustainable city.

We are sitting on a timebomb, we need to act now

Tpl. Emmanuel Adeleke.

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