How Much Each Premier League Club Earned In 2018/2019 Season

The Most Talked about Football League in the world came to an end May 12th, 2019 with Manchester City retaining the League after defeating Brighton & Hove Albion 4-1.

Regardless of every team’s situation, they will have been slogging it out for a greater share of the prize money pot.

There is roughly £2Million difference between every position in top flight with bottom-half teams picking up hefty pay packets despite hitting the heights. brings to you the prize money each team in league will earn.

Based on official 2017/18 figures. 2018/19 to be confirmed imminently.

£38.4m – Man City
£36.5m – Liverpool
£34.6m – Chelsea
£32.6m – Tottenham
£30.7m – Arsenal
£28.8m – Man Utd
£26.9m – Wolves
£25m – Everton
£23.1m – Leicester
£21.1m – West Ham
£19.2m – Watford
£17.3m – Crystal Palace
£15.4m – Newcastle
£13.4m – Bournemouth
£11.5m – Burnley
£9.6m – Southampton
£7.7m – Brighton
£5.8m – Cardiff
£3.8m – Fulham
£1.9m – Huddersfield


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